Individual Therapy

image I am a licensed psychotherapist. Most of my clients are individual adults, but I also work with families and adolescents. I have particular experience in mens issues, mindfulness practices, group psychotherapy and the treatment of anxiety.

I work in collaboration with clients, forming a relationship that not only insures that the client's needs are understood and met, but also catalyzes the therapeutic process, aiding and guiding growth and change. We typically start by looking closely at the problem that brought the client into therapy, its history and impact. These problems typically include depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, difficult relationships and career, family and mid-life concerns.

I then help the client understand how past experiences and established patterns contribute to the problem and the strengths and resources that he or she can use in resolving it. Finally, I support the client's changes and help them gain more control over their emotions, behavior and life, and grow toward their full potential. Clients frequently resolve one problem but stay in therapy to work on others or make fundamental changes in their lives.