Group Therapy

Group psychotherapy is an effective, affordable and dynamic way to catalyze change in your life. It is particularly effective in helping with relationship and interpersonal problems. Many group therapy participants also experience improvements in confidence and self esteem and reductions in anxiety and other psychological symptoms. These changes occur because group therapy provides a safe place for people to express their feelings, be heard, and receive some open and honest feedback from others. Unfortunately, many people are fearful of entering and participating in group therapy. But, it is the process of sharing fears and other issues in their life that brings participants together and leads to growth and healing. Studies have shown that, on average, people participate in group therapy for a longer period of time than individual therapy.

I am currently forming a minfulness-based psychotherapy group on Monday evening from 7:00-8:45PM. The group will include 30 minutes of mindfulness practice and 75 minutes of group process. Mindfulness is the practice of gently bringing your awareness to the moment. Studies have shown that mindful practices are very effective in facilitating change. Give me call for an initial consultation to explore your goals and concerns, 310-399-5819.